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Oak Jubilee

Signature Works by Christopher Burkett

Signature works are older works that have been favored by Collectors.

20″x 24″ 30″x 40″  
$1,250 $2,500  Most fine art photographs
$2,000 $4,000   Autumn Circus, Oregon

Autumn Tempest, Utah (13×33″ & 20×50″)

Beaver Lodge at Sunrise, Colorado

Black Mountain Aspen Forest, Utah

Blooming Grasses, Connecticut

Blue Glacial Ice, Alaska

Bold Autumn Forest, Tennessee

Fallen Rock, Utah

Forest Light, Colorado

Floating Leaves on River, New Jersey

Golden Aspen Glade, Colorado (13×33″ & 20×50″)

Graceful Aspen, Colorado

Late Summer Pond, Oregon

Marcellina Aspens, Colorado

Morning Storm, Oregon (20×20″ & 30×30″)

Pastel Orange Maple, Kentucky

Pink Floating Leaves, Kentucky

Radiant Mountain Aspen, Colorado

Red Vines and Green Grasses, Vermont

Red Woodbine, Vermont

Silver Maple and Rock Wall, Virginia

Spruce and Bright Aspen Forest

Summer Heather Garden, California

Sunset, Great Sand Dunes, Colorado (16×20″ & 24×30″)

Sweetgum Stars, Virginia (20×20″ & 30×30″)

Telluride Aspens, Colorado

Translucent Forest, Colorado

White Callas at Dawn, Oregon

White Dogwood Canopy, Kentucky

Wild Appletree and Fog, Oregon

Wild Red Maple and Fog, New Hampshire

Yellow Maple, Forest and Light, Virginia

$3,000 $6,000

Clearwater River Ripples, Idaho (20×20″ & 30×30″)

Dogwoods, Forest and Mist, Tennessee

Glowing Winter Aspen, Colorado (20×20″ & 30×30″)

Green Veratrum, Alaska

Shining Waterlilies, Maine

Young Red Maple, Kentucky

$4,000 $8,000

Resplendent Leaves at Sunset, Oregon (20×20″ & 30×30″)

Sunrise and Autumn Blueberries, Maine

Twilight, Virgin River and Zion Canyon, Utah

 $6,000  $12,000

Aspen Grove, Colorado

Cottonwood and Light, Utah

Glowing Autumn Forest, Virginia

Pink and White Dogwoods, Kentucky 

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