Sculpture in Cannon Beach

Public Sculpture is a Northwest By Northwest Gallery passion.  We believe the City of Cannon Beach should be an outdoor gallery for all to share and enjoy encountering sculpture in a spectacular setting  for all to share.

Public sculptor Wayne Chabre was the first to win the sculpture Without Walls Public Choice Vote & Georgia Gerber won for her Tufted Puffins.

Raven_Clamshell-900x563-1.jpg (900Ã?563)

Douglas Granum has also created numerous public works, including a sculpture for Tacoma & Camano Island (a maquette) of “Raven Discovering Mankind in a Clamshell.”

Granum’s latest project is called “The Big Catch” created for the Gig Harbor History Museum. The super realism is based on a photograph of a cannery worker with a King Salmon  in 1909 by Asahel Curtis.

For the 7th Annual Plein Air & More Arts Festival , the artist has created two bronze canoes based on an earlier wood carving of a native NW canoe carved by the artist. He has worked with new technology developed by Rob Arps who has also assisted Georgia Gerber in creating large public sculpture works. Granum creates Contemporary works in steel & bronze & is a dynamic painter.