Our 32nd Annual Stormy Weather Festival, November 1-3, 2019

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Schedule of Gallery Events

Meet NW Artists throughout the weekend in our Landmark Sculpture Garden featuring Ivan McLean’s “Red Sphere” & “Re-Invention”.
Friday November 1st
5 to 7 pm – Gallery Reception
Meet New Artists:
  • Figurative Bronze Sculptor – Ann Fleming
Music by Bobcat Bob
Sineann Winery with Patrick McElligott
Saturday November 2nd 
1:30 pm – Meet Christopher Burkett
Christopher Burkett’s historic Photograph “Cottonwood & Light” is synonymous with his life’s work and contribution – a transition of bringing Color Photography to the same aesthetic regard as Black & White. 

Cottonwood & Light

Featured as the lead story on the PBS NewsHour Weekend. The story was about the genius of the artist and that his photographic paper is no longer made.

2 to 4 pm – Meet Ivan McLean
Ivan McLean is a contemporary sculptor and public artist.
He uses various materials in his contemporary sculptures: Stainless Steel, Kiln Formed Glass, Bronze, and Wood.
2 to 4 pm and 5 to 8 pm – Gallery Reception with Featured Gallery Artists
  • Bronze Sculptors
    • Ann Fleming
  • Painters
    • Hazel Schlesinger
    • Taryn Wise
    • Barbara Rainforth
    • Kit Garoutte
  • Glass Artists
    • Ethan Stern
    • Angelita Surmon
  • Ceramics Artists
    • Chayo Wilson
Music by Bobcat Bob
Sineann Winery with Patrick McElligott