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Oregon State’s Animal: The Beaver

Public Art to Private Garden. Oregon’s State University’s mascot is the Beaver. Go Beavs!

"Mother Beaver and Pup" from the series "Mother and Child" © Georgia Gerber

“Mother Beaver and Pup” from the series “Mother and Child” © Georgia Gerber

"Beaver with Pup" from the "Four Beavers" series, © Georgia Gerber

“Beaver with Pup” from the “Four Beavers” series, © Georgia Gerber

"Beaver with Stick"  12 h x 30 w 11 d 3,800.

“Beaver with Stick” 12 h x 30 w 11 d 3,800.

"Curled Otter" 13"H x 15"w x 9"D. $2800.

“Curled Otter” 13″H x 15″w x 9″D. $2800.

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